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Top Tips for Winter Heat Pump Maintenance

Top Tips for Winter Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps care the most energy efficient way to keep your home comfortable all winter long. There are a few things that home owners need to know to help ensure their unit keeps them warm all winter long!

1. Protect Your Heat Pump From the Elements

2. Prevent Winter Build Up Before It Becomes a Big Problem

3. Shovel Ice and Snow As Soon As Possible

4. Clear Up Carefully - Don't Use Anything too Sharp!

5. Is Your Heat Pump Elevated? Or Away From Leaky Gutters?

6. Get An Early Winter Check Up

Like every appliance in your home, your heat pump needs the occasional check up to ensure it’s in great working condition and there aren’t any problems that you can’t see.

Late fall or early winter is the best time to schedule an appointment to have your heat pump professionally serviced, so if you haven’t done so already the time to make that call is now!

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