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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal installations, cleaning and repairs

The Trethewey Brothers have the experience and capabilities to provide a solution to any plumbing related issue you may be experiencing, and that includes garbage disposals. A garbage disposal can be a huge convenience for you waste removal. Installing a garbage disposal is not as simple as it may look though and should be installed by a professional to ensure it is done correctly. If a garbage disposal is not installed correctly that can lead to a number of issues. 

When your disposal is experiencing issues that can be extremely frustrating and cause a number of headaches. Correcting any issues that your disposal is experiencing can be relatively complex and is almost always situational, because it is hooked into your plumbing and sewer lines. When there is an issue, it is wise to call the professionals to help diagnose the issue and provide the necessary recommendations for next step. When our experienced technicians enter your home, we do so in a respectful manner and understand that we want to find the issue as quickly as possible. 

There are some clear signs that will indicate you need a new disposal system put in. These signs consist of a fowl smell coming from the unit, an unusual sound when operating, constant repairs, or anything that would make you believe it is not functioning properly. When your unit is experiencing issues it’s important to cease use immediately and seek help to correct the issue. Do not turn on the disposal and try to diagnose the problem yourself.

When you need a new garbage disposal installed or would like to discuss your specific use case, contact us at Tbros or schedule service, we’re committed to getting in and out in a timely fashion so you can get back to using your garbage disposal the way it’s designed.

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