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Secondary Lawn Meter Installations

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Secondary lawn meter installations to monitor water usage and increase efficiency.

Secondary lawn meter installations are a smart on a number of different levels. The first is related to water conservation. Having a lawn meter will help ensure that you are using the right amount of water because you set the amount that is being used. In a typical situation you turn on your watering system and let it run until it needs to be moved or turned off. This system will help ensure that you’re not wasting water during the lawn watering process. The second benefit is your energy bill. No one wants to be spending money when they don’t need too. If you have a lawn watering system that isn’t helping you monitor lawn usage, there’s a good chance your efficiency is very low, which means you’re essentially paying for water you’re not using. Secondary lawn meter installations will help you keep an eye on the water you’re using so you can stay on top of water usage – thus allowing you to turn the water on or off as desired. Having this control will undoubtedly improve your energy bill.

The process of setting up a secondary lawn meter is not a simple process and will require the assistance of a plumbing professional. Secondary lawn meter installations require a new water line to be run and cannot be inserted into any already existing lines. This is done to preserve the accuracy of of the meter reading.

If you are interested in having a secondary lawn meter installed, give us a call or schedule service to get the ball moving. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment we’ll come over, evaluate your situation, and provide the necessary recommendations on what next steps should be.

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