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The Bidet & Every Reason You Should Have One

The Bidet & Every Reason You Should Have One

There are options when searching for a new upgrad for your bathroom. An entire new bidet, or a non-electric bidet attachment for a very reasonable $30. Read further to see why TBros thinks your next purchase should be a bidet.

The Numbers

Did you know it takes 30 gallons of water to produce ONE roll of toilet paper? The United States uses more toilet paper annually than any other country — averaging 3 rolls per person each week. Switching to a bidet could help save 15 million trees. Another shocking statistic about toilet paper is the amount of bleach — 250,000 tons of chlorine is used annually to bleach toilet paper. Toilet paper is bleached for two purposes — aesthetics and comfort. Is it worth it?

The Positives

Buying a bidet will have you buying less toilet paper than ever before, another crazy cost that has risen over the last few years. Not only is a bidet [or bidet attachment] an eco-friendly and sustainable option, it is hygienic too.


TBros looks forward to your next call if you are interested in installing a bidet. They are great for the environment, great for personal hygiene use and cost effective. We are at the phone and ready to take your call with any questions you may have!


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