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Automatic Shut off Valves

Why Should You Get an Automatic Shut off Valve

Have you ever experienced water damage within your home? It can be a huge inconvenience and extremely costly to homeowners. Water damage can come from multiple sources, sometimes a ruptured pipe, the roof, human errors and more. Even the smallest amount of water damage can sometimes cost people upwards of a thousand dollars in repairs. If at all possible, it is extremely important to try to avoid this type of damage at all costs. One of the best ways to do so is by installing an automatic water shut off valve.

What is an Automatic Shut Off Valve?

An automatic shut off valve, or some people know it as an (ASO), is a plumbing part that is designed to monitor the water pressure in the home plumbing system. If the valve identifies a pressure imbalance, it has the technology to shut off the water through the water line, preventing a further problem happening within the plumbing system. It is important to note that an automatic shut off valve will not prevent a rupture or a leak, but it is your best defense in preventing the damage from happening in the first place.

How Does an Automatic Shut off Valve Work?

Most plumbing systems do have a manual emergency water shut off valve already built into place, mostly used by plumbers or maintenance services alike. The issue with this valve is many homeowners do not know where this manual valve within their system is located or how to work it in case of an emergency situation. Another inconvenient example of this manual valve is that it is not standardized on all plumbing systems, and you don’t want to spend time looking for this valve in the middle of an emergency. Lastly, a manual shut off valve shows no value, if your home begins to flood while you’re not home. If you are not home to stop the damage from happening, you can’t shut off the valve that needs to be manually shut down. 

If you are very interested in protecting your home from common flooding issues, the best way to ease your mind is by installing an automatic shut off valve. With an automatic valve installed you can relax knowing that any sizable leak will be detected and shut off even if you are not home to catch it. Save your time, worries and money down the road by installing an automatic shut off valve. Call TBro’s today to learn more! 

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